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Dani Di Maggio


Dani Di Maggio helps people who seek to become aware and live with purpose from within to overcome their fears and limitations and achieve a life of satisfaction.


Author, coach, entrepreneur, global marketing expert and creator of the integrated coaching method inspired by the seven chakras, Dani Di Maggio is, first and foremost, an inner traveller.


As a promoter of TransFormAction (Transit to the Best Way through Action), Di Maggio has organized a digital conference called “transformation trip” in February together with 60 personal development experts such as Monica Fusté, Emilio Carrillo, Juna Carlos Castro, Beatriz Blasco, Alfonso Guerrero, Miguel Nadal, Nacho Muñoz, and many more.


Also, he has just launched a book The Inner Journey that became a bestseller at Amazon immediately, conquering the hearts of readers. Di Maggio combines the tools of traditional coaching with those that represent his passions such as yoga, theatre, music, NLP, omega coaching and energy practices.

Including best-selling books Di Maggio has also release on CS Recordings; including "I Am God" and "My Dream"




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