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A new generation of Trance DJ's changing the industry.

I have been a Trance head all my life. I grew up with Trance, it runs in my veins. I'm one of those that will listen to the classics as well as Trance 2.0., today's Trance. I will never say Trance is dead or was dead. Trance has always been a huge part of today's electronic music industry. It's the heart of the dance scene. It's one of those genre's that truly unites people together. Although I might say a new generation of Trance DJ's are changing the industry, they are not exactly new, they have been working hard for the past few years, either DJ'ing or producing. We have Simon Patterson, who didn't take no for an answer. He opened up his own label and stuck to a genre that came from the soul. Christopher Lawrence has been a trend setter. He is one of the few artist that has changed the American landscape with his style of DJ'ing. His sets are flawless, and he will take you on a journey like no other. Since the 90's CL ( Christopher Lawrence) has captivated Trance fans around the globe. The legend still pushes the boundaries of DJ'ing and music production. His label Pharmacy Records is the essence of the underground in today's Trance scene.

Recently ASOT has been upping its trance selection. We can not say if Armin Van Buuren has really return to his roots. What we can say, is that Armin still has heart for the genre that started his career. Liam Wilson rework of Solar Factor, No Return premiered on ASOT and it was heavily received by fans everywhere. Liam Wilson seem's to be the new face of Trance. His productions can be heard on some of Trance biggest labels; Jordan Suckly's Damaged Recordings, Black Hole Recordings, and many others. His music has been supported by Mike Push, Armin Van Buuren, Giuseppe Ottavaiani, Simon Patterson, and myself DJ Trevi. I've had the pleasure of meeting up with Liam when he was in Los Angeles last year, like most Trance DJ's they are friendly toward their fan's and passionate about the music. We will continue to monitor Liam Wilson and his success. In the mean time we will leave you with some of our favorite Trance songs. Lets us know which ones are your favorite.


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