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Orla Feeney Drops New Trance Track

Irish trance queen Orla Feeney has dropped a new track, ‎Insubordinate, and it's off the hook. Orla teamed up with Kristina Sky, for this insane track. Insubordinate doesn't shy away from its hard kicks and aggressive baseline, that make the genre what it is today. The wow factor is the balance of the aggressiveness with the europhric pads. Orla and Kristina also managed to created a simple but yet effective melody. The effectiveness of this melody is the driving force of the track. The ladies also suprise us with a little humor with a snip it of Frank Gallagher (Shamless UK) Saying, "Where the fuck are you?"

Feeney is known for her solid skills as a DJ and producer. With Tracks on Armada, Damaged, and Black Hole recodrings there is no suprise this is an intense track. I've seen Orla Fennen play and in a world dominated by male super stars, she can hold her own ground. Her transistions are smooth, electric, and prodigious. Get your copay now.

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