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Gareth Emery Shares Industry Tips

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I have been doing a lot of interviews recently due to the upcoming album and one question that always comes up is "What one thing do you recommend to people who want to make it in our industry to help them on their way?”

So I want to share with you something really fucking powerful which has helped me a lot - you have to be quite disciplined so it's not for everyone but if you can master it it'll change your life.

It’s called the Power List and whilst it will look ridiculously simple, virtually every successful person I know uses some version of it.

Here is how it works:

1) Write down what you want to achieve (the bigger the goal the better).

2) Break down each big goal into small bite sized steps. For instance if the big goal is “Sign a track to an EDM label” the small step might be “Download Nexus and learn how to use it” wink emoticon A big goal may have 20 small steps.

3) Every day, complete at least one of the small steps, ideally 2-3.

4) Repeat every single fucking day without fail.

I’m not even joking people. It is that simple.

Here’s one additional tip which I personally use: DO NOT ACCESS ANY SOCIAL MEDIA OR DISTRACTING INTERNET SHIT until you’ve done a couple of the items on the list.

I don’t know how it is for you, but if I start loading social media sites, I’m still balls deep in Buzzfeed an hour later. Even if I turn on my iPhone I’m usually texting mates from the UK and whilst that's great it does not equal getting productive work done.

So my #1 pro tip is: put your phone on Airplane mode until you’ve done the shit that you need to do. Usually without any distractions you get it done pretty quickly and then you can go back to viral videos of dancing dogs, reading up the White House race, or whatever it is that you like to waste time on.

I started doing this when I finished my last album Drive, which took 4 years to produce.

The new album 100 Reasons To Live took half the time (exactly 2 years) and I think it’s about twice as good. So, if you can be disciplined, it fucking works.

Credit to an amazing podcast called MFCEO for this - if you want to dig a bit deeper into this I recommend an episode called 'Kill It Every Day' but above is the basic premise that works for me.

If this helps some of you it was worth typing it out. Much love !

Gaz xx

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