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House Music New Kid On The Block: Sumo Impact

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We were lucky enough to track down Sumo Impact earlier this week who kindly gave us a few minutes out from their hectic schedule to tell us more about exactly who they are.

So, who exactly are Sumo Impact?

Hi, firstly, thanks very much for taking the time to talk to me today. I am Richard Jones from the UK better known as Sumo Impact.

How did you get into producing music?

Very good question, when I was younger I would take all of my paper round money and bike it down to the local record shop desperately seeking out the latest white labels.

White labels?

Ha ha, OK so I’m showing my age now let’s talk about that later. Yeh, white labels were vinyl back in the day that was not released on a label as such and the producer and title were generally kept under wraps. You guys probably know them better as ID tracks J. Anyhow, I would spend most Saturdays in Soundz Wicked in Luton talking to my mate Tim about the latest tracks. Tim was a DJ on a local Pirate Radio station and we decided to form Hardcore Rhythm Team. We had a good few tracks out on release and became pretty big in the 90’s. Airplay on KISS FM and Radio 1 was a common thing for us. A quick YouTube will tell the story…

So what happened?

Life I guess…. After getting hugely recognized on the UK underground scene we kind of drifted apart and started doing our own thing. I then had a few situations in my life that overtook and music and that sadly had to go on the back burner.

OK, well now you’re back as Sumo Impact, tell us more.

I have to admit, I had stayed away from dance music for a good few years but always had something inside me telling me to get back into it and let people hear my music. A couple of years ago I started playing around on the laptop and before I knew it I had a studio in my house and was producing again.

So, what are you currently working on?

I’ve just been signed by a great LA label CS Recordings with DJ Trevi at the helm. He has been a great help to me and showed massive support for my music. We have just released our debut with CS called ‘Think about it’ featuring the vocals of Josie Jones. This track reached No.1 on TrackItDown in the first 2 days of release. We have very high hopes for this track.

What is next for Sumo Impact?

I’ve some amazing tracks in the pipeline that you will have to hear to believe. They are no specific genre I guess, some are melodic with vocals and piano whereas some are completely the opposite with hard bass driven sounds.

Thanks so much for your time Sumo… Can I call you Sumo?

Ha ha, I’m not that fat.. am I?

Get the new single, "Think About It" Feat. Jose Jones

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