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Searching For Something Hard: Our Top Ten Mike Avery Tracks

In honor of Mike Avery birthday, we share our top ten Mike Avery tracks. Avery's productions are clean high quality, and there is never any shortage of energy. From number ten to number one we have a lot of releases and bootlegs. Lets start the countdown.

10. Reach: Released on Traffic Records in 2012 and also remixed by Hard Dance master Scott Attrill. This song took the Hard Dance scene by storm.

09. This Is an Oldie: Released on D-Licious Hard, this tracks brings us everything we like about Hard House, big stabs, fast beats and vocal samples.

08: Stay The Week: Giving old trance realness, this track samples Stay The Night and takes it to a whole new level.

07. Evil Biebler: Justin Bieber might have grown into a full fledge superstar and hitmaker, but there was a point when he was glamorize for no reason. Mike took a stab at him in Evil Biebler, which not only makes us laugh, but dance our ass off. This one is crazy wicked and if you don't believe just have a listen.

06. Heaven's Cry- Till Tears Do Us Apart (Scott Fo Show & Mike Avery Remix): Not only can Mike produce quality track he can remix the hell out of them as well. Proven it by teaming up with Scott Fo Shaw and giving us some funk.

05. Legend B- Lost In Love: Staying true his Hard House roots Mike Avery remix Legend B classic Lost In Love, proving once more his magic touch is worthy of such a remix.

04. Burning: My Personal favorite Mike Avery track. I Never get tired of this one. With old school Hard House sounds and Punk Rock vocals this track has been on our radar for years. A Mike Avery gem and one of his classic's.

03.Taken: A serious Hard House track. One of his best song's creatively and production wise. It does not get better than this. Faster and harder is better with special guest appearance by the Taken star himself, Liam Neeson. It might land on number 3, but this is his number one Hard House track.

02. Movin': Mike Team up with DJ Trevi and Tiffany Jackson to remake the 1999 classic You're Moving too fast by Artful Dodger. This song not only gave us a sick drop and raw vocals, but made all of Germany dance and sing as it sat on number one on Mika FM.

01. Shallow: Once again teaming up with DJ Trevi for an EDM banger this song took the American festival and club world by storm. Even when switching genre's Mike's hard house kick is signature to his style.

Don't forget to listen to all his tracks on Spotify and Soundcloud.

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