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This Week In Trance: Orla Feeney, Liam Wilson, and more.

As trance grows around the globe, notably in the Americas, we have a few artist that seem to stand out. Not just by the way the artist make music, but how they interact with their fans and followers. Trance music is one of the few genre's that brings people closer together. You can go on Facebook and find Trance Family (insert city or country). A trance DJ will always treat their fan base like family. Unlike EDM DJ's most trance DJ's will keep their personal Facebook open to their fans. Home town trance DJ's will mingle with the big names in the industry, that is just the way trance rolls. This week, I wanted to highlight two tracks that that will rearrange your brain cells.

Oral Fenney is no stranger to the world of trance. Recently Orla has been riding high with tracks like Lesson Learned, Audacious with Kristina Sky, and Nebula. With big support from Armin van Buuren Nebula has made it's way to ASOT 747 and becoming Orla's most listen track on Spotify. The queen of trance new release, Vortex, with Kriess Guyte is euphoric, with a touch of acid and classic trance this track is a monster. There is one thing I'm certain: Orla can write some wicked melodies and chords. This track is a must have, killer melodies with a killer drop. Orla has had some killer sets this past month, with special guest sets on Kiss FM, The Underground with Johnny Failla. Up coming sets include Trance Energy Radio with Lisa Owen, and Manuel Le Saux Extrema Radio Show. Don't forget get to grab your company of Orla's hit single Vortex.

I can't say enough good things about Liam Wilson, he is one of my favorite producers and DJ's out there. Like Orla he knows how to work the crowd with his sets. A master at production all his tracks are quality. Liam latest single, Black, is no exception. In his words, "it's mint." Black is his second release on UNRSTRCTD. The name should say it all, dark trance at its best. Already on the top 10 on beatport Black blends in some serious psy-trance and some tech trance. Don't take my word for it, get your copay now.

Artist Spotlight: Johnny Yono

Johnny Yono is L.A.'s to go man in the City of Angeles. When the trance army needs reinforcement they call on Mr. Yono to bring destruction. You can catch Johnny Yono at some of Los Angeles most coveted clubs like Exchange L.A. and Avalon. His new collaboration with Protoculture can be heard on Armin van Buuren, A State of Trance, Ibiza 2016. Catch Johnny Yono, White Light Sessions radio show here.

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