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Festival Season Is Here: We are counting down Gareth Emery's biggest hit.

Gareth Emery is one of the biggest DJ/Producers in the world. Emery was born 18 July 1980 making him a Cancer, a person who can be in touch with his emotions. No wonder Emery's music is more than just a dance beat, it's a message. This english producer has had song of the year twice on A State Of Trance (ASOT). Between 2006 and 2013 Gareth Emery ranked in DJ Mag's Top 50 DJs in the world, peaking at #7 in 2010. However, in 2013, he publicly denounced the poll due to the huge marketing budgets involved, asking fans no longer to vote for him, and donated his marketing budget to charity instead:"So here's an alternative Top 100 message: Don't vote for me. Seriously, when you buy a ticket to see me in a club, I consider that a vote. When you blast my music in your car, or share it on Facebook, or tell your friends about it, that's a vote too. Those votes, and the amazing support you've shown over the last year, is what matters to me."

1. Gareth Emery- U (Feat. Bo Bruce)

One of his biggest hits to date. All you got to do is listen to the melody and the lyrics and you have an instant hit. What we love about this song is that, all we see is you! This song proves that Emery knows the art of lyrics.

2. Gareth Emery - Concrete Angel (Feat. Christina Novelli).

The song that has festival goes singing along every time it's dropped. How can we not sing along, "If you keep building these walls, brick by brick, towers so tall, soon I won't see you at all, until the concrete angels fall."

3. Gareth Emery- Reckless (Feat. Wayward Daughter)

We have all done it, we have all been reckless with someone heart. Than we all have sat and wonder why we were so reckless. We'll never get this track out of our minds or hearts.

4. Gareth Emery, Alastor- Hands (feat London Thor)

One of the Emery most listen tracks on Spotify. This tracks never fails to stay in his top 10 most listen tracks and one of his most popular ones around the globe.

5. Gareth Emery- Sanctuary (Feat. Lucy Saunders)

From the beat to the emotional and smooth breaks this is a no brainer; a classic. This is what all things Gareth Emery are supposed to be, emotional, catchy, and lyrics are so hunting that they will have you humming or singing for days. We all need a sanctuary a moment we can hold, a moment in time that is ours. This song proves it's our sanctuary.

6. Gareth Emery, Standrwick- Saving light (Feat HALIENE)

One of our favourites all of time for two reason. First, It's the only trance song in a long time to make it to number one on Beatport top 100 main charts. Second, we support the anti-bullying message. There is no room for hate. Ok, so its not two, we simply love this song for all the right reasons. It's one of those songs you hear for the first time and feel connected to it. The melodies, the lyrics, this one will go down in history as one of his best works. If this was a Madonna track, it would be equal to that of "Papa Don't Preach," or "Live To Tell".

7. Gareth Emery- Lost (Feat. Janet devlin/ William Black Remix)

Another emotional track by the king of lyrics. If Reckless is what we did, than this is our karma. It's catchy lyrics, " And there's no smoke without reason, it's a sign there's something wrong..." and "Cause your words are like gasoline, you pour on the fire, and the bridges you burned," will have you feeling emotional and remembering that one time you got hurt.

8. Gareth Emery & Krewella- Lights & Thunder

Before Krewella burned most of their careers to the ground, they were massive and at their peak they teamed up with Emery to bring us an unforgettable track. Lights & Thunder was an ultimate festival track and is still one of the best tracks on Emery's 2014 Drive album.

9. Gareth Emery -Tokyo

In 2012 when electronic dance music took over the Americas, the english producer was cemented as a bonafide star with Tokyo along side Concrete Angeles. The man who at one point thought he was done in the music industry turn it around and became a legend and hero to so many producers and fans.

10. Gareth Emery- Save me (Feat. Christana Novelli/John O'Callaghan remix)

There are so many songs on Emery's catalog, but were only limited to our top 10. Emery is known for so many things, choosing the right singers, the right lyrics, and the right remixes to his music. There is no doubt that John O'Callaghan remix of Save Me surpassed any Emery fan exceptions. We love everything Emery and to have a remix that rivals the original is unspeakable, but there you have it.

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