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'El Club' Star Minnie West Taking Over Netflix

The Mexican crime drama El Club (or The Club) hit Netflix on Nov. 15, and leading lady Minnie West already has viewers mesmerized. 

Though the stunning 26-year-old may be a newcomer to most American audiences, she’s been making waves south of the border over the last few years.

Minnie West stars on Netflix’s El Club alongside her boyfriend, Alejandro Speitzer.

The power-couple met long before their latest on-screen roles. They currently co-own a production company called Wetzer Films. Their first project together was the 2017 comedy Me gusta, pero me asusta — which translates to: I like it, but it scares me. The pair both executive produced and acted in the film. 

The movie’s director, Beto Gómez, called the duo "the new blood of Mexican cinema" in an interview with Hollywood Soapbox. "Casting is essential for me. The process thrills me, and I was lucky to find the perfect choices in Minnie West and Alejandro Speitzer, who are great actors," he raved.

"They are the perfect combination: good training and nice guys," he added. "I don’t like to work with complicated people. I rather actors [have] passion and dedication."

In a chat with People en Español, Minnie said of her 24-year-old boyfriend: "I couldn't be with another person. We get along so well."

Minnie appeared on the short-lived telenovela Eva la Trailera.

While Alejandro has over 20 acting credits on his IMDb page, Minnie has just five — though we’d say filming 116 telenovela episodes in one year should count as more. 

In 2016, Minnie starred as Adriana Montes on Telemundo’s Eva la Trailera, which sadly lasted for just one season. She previously gushed about working with the show’s star, Edith González. 

"I'm really incredibly grateful for the opportunity," she told People en Español. "I never thought they would risk giving such [a 'challenging'] role to someone who has just started. I've learned so much and, most of all, I've met amazing people."

The beauty continued, "The truth is that from the first scene I had to act with [Edith], I felt a connection and I knew that this would be better than I thought. Edith makes it so real that I always cry from rehearsal."

Minnie said that she always knew she wanted to work in the entertainment industry. "I have never been interested in anything else," she confessed. "My childhood was full of musicals and movies since it was also always my mother's [dream]."

You can stream all 25 episodes of El Club’s first season on Netflix now. 

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