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Updated: Aug 8, 2019

Treavor Alvarado also known as DJ Trevi is making his comeback. The award-nominated DJ has released a couple of new singles, "7 (God's Child)" and "Oh Father (Eneko's song)." DJ Trevi first broke into the music scene with his hit "No Way Out" which premiered on MTV Artist. It was the follow-up to his promotional single "Love" which helped him obtain a record deal in 2012 and reached the top ten of MTV Jango Radio. "No Way Out" was released on August 14, 2012, and by 2013 it was nominated for Best Electronic/Dance Single of the year at the 23rd Los Angeles Music Awards. This opened the door for Alvarado to play major festivals and clubs in the USA; Including San Diego Pride festival with Ruby Rose, Tydi, and Robbie Rivera. Shortly after DJ Trevi return to Spain in 2016 where he worked on the short film, "Chantaje," and appeared in the Russian film "Party Beast" where he plays a DJ.

After finishing production of four films he mediately went to work on music. The American/Spanish DJ and producer teamed up with Tunisian singer Haythem Hadhiri to produced Hadhiri debut single "Tu Ca Nun Ciagne" an emotional opera felt ballad. The ballad included electronic pads and violins that were subtle next to the live instruments.

Soon After "7 (God's Child)" was released. The first single to gain traction outside of the United States of America becoming his first international hit, and reaching markets beyond Europe and the USA while having a huge following in Brazil. At the same time "Shallow" which was released earlier also gain traction in Bazil and all of Europe and parts of West Asia. 7 (God's Child) is a big room anthem with plenty of plucks who's melodies will penetrate your head. The break down will take anyone to church, with its lyrics " I am God's Child, I may be poor but I am God's child, brother and sisters." The song boost unity, and a self claim that the DJ Trevi is God's child. If one thing is clear, the message is a positive one. Alvarado said he was inspired by so many different things including death, and the Catholic Churches in Barcelona. With great melodies and chords, this song is festival-ready.

"Oh Father (Eneko's song)" is the latest single and like its predecessor has become an international hit, reaching every country on Spotify. "Oh Father" is another great song, that keeps to DJ Trevi style tons of great melodies and chords. The song leans more toward trance and adds elements of classical sounds, including electronic violins, which were inspired by the work he did on the classical song, "Tu Ca Nun Ciagne."

The instrumental song doesn't use a vocalist like "7" or "Shallow" but does sample Information Society classic line, "pure energy," from the track "What's on Your Mind (Pure Energy) which was a huge hit in 1988. Alvarado has said, he loves listening to 80's music especially when he is writing. Stating, "They have the best chords and progressions ever written." Although there is nothing 80's about DJ Trevi, "Oh father" is a very relevant song to today's generation.

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