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Lucifer might go full frontal for season 5

Lucifer has beaten Game Of Thrones to become the most binged-watched show of May and we’re really not surprised.

The fantasy drama had already been named the most watched series on Netflix just a fortnight ago and obviously none of us can get enough, with TV Time reporting that it had a share binge of 5.89 per cent over the last week – way ahead of HBO’s Game Of Thrones which only had 2.8 per cent.

In third place was Friends at 1.95 percent, closely followed by new teenage offering The Society with 1.86 per cent.

Lucifer has one of the biggest fan bases in the world, with lovers already showing their loyalty by getting their show back on the airwaves after Fox cancelled it in 2018.

And with the recently released offering proving to be a massive success, avid audiences have naturally set their sights on a fifth series and have already launched a campaign to encourage Netflix to put another order in.

Showrunner Chris Rafferty revealed that Netflix ‘waits about a month’ to see if a particular show has done well enough to warrant a renewal and we’re all holding our breath for official confirmation (although judging by the stats we really oughtn’t be).

Tom Eillis, who plays the title character, thanked Lucifer fans for binging the fourth season on Twitter last week.

Addressing his 607.7k followers, he wrote: ‘You little bingers you… #Lucifer BINGE REPORT: “Lucifer” Gets Cozy At No. 1.’

Meanwhile, Lucifer's showrunners have confirmed why they don’t use the F-bomb in the show, despite pushing the boundaries more since moving to Netflix.

Tom Eillis has also stated his bum is one of his most important assets, and hinted there would be more of the devilish bum on scream. As rating sky rocket the Network might also move to frontal nudity to give fans the desire that all the fans want.

Lucifer creators have already teased they’ve planned out an ‘awesome’ first scene of the fifth series. Joe Henderson told Entertainment Weekly:

‘We did spend some time digging into what we think can be season 5. ‘We even have the first scene [of season 5], which is one of my favorite things we’ve ever come up with.’

Lucifer season four is available on Netflix now.

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