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Lucifer season 4 spoilers: Creators reveal why they excluded THIS from Netflix episodes

Updated: Jun 3, 2019

LUCIFER’S showrunners, Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson, have explained why season five has no F-bombs in it even though they were teased before the season’s release.

Lucifer season four recently dropped on Netflix, and it’s proving to be quite the hit with fans of the show.

The show had been cancelled after three seasons by Fox, but it was eventually picked up by Netflix after incredible fan pressure to keep the show alive.

It’s got a huge following and season four has proven to be rather popular, and they’ve managed to do that without dropping an F-bomb in this new season.

The F-word is banned on the FOX network, but not on Netlifx, so naturally, some assumed that they’d let rip with the swear words in this new season. However, the showrunners decided against it.

According to co-showrunner, Modrovick, his colleague Henderson wasn’t sure whether the F-bombs were needed in their show.

Apparently, they both came to the same conclusion that it was just not quite right for the show.

Henderson told TV Line: “We tried an F-bomb, and it just felt a little weird.”

“It was good that we tried it, because we sort of wanted to see how it felt.

“It’s like when you get a toy, and you start playing with it, and then you start to realise that maybe this toy, as fun as it is to play with, isn’t the right toy to play with on the show.

“Families watch our show, like older families, and while we wanted to both make a show that pushed the boundaries, we also didn’t want it to feel unnecessarily profane.

“We did say ‘s**t’ a couple times. And we used a ‘bulls**t’ when absolutely necessary, or we tried to,” he finished.

The fact that families watch Lucifer is rather surprising due to its subject matter and that Tom Ellis is often half-naked.

However, it makes sense to keep the show’s tone and perhaps adding in F-bombs here, and there would have felt a bit forced.

Just because they moved the show to another platform, it doesn’t mean it should drastically change because they would just be jarring for its fans.

Meanwhile, Lucifer star Tom Ellis, has already begun teasing season five’s existence alongside the writers.

Watch the official Lucifer Season 4 Trailer.

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