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Melodic Techno on the rise: Artist to look out for

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Techno has taken many forms throughout the decades. From the early 1990s, techno has been part of the electronic scene landscape, and today's techno has come in the form or heavy kicks, rumble baselines and trance melodies that are minimal, up to 4 notes. Unlike trance these melodies tend to be darker but equally affected. Here is some techno artist on the rise.

Loco & Jam

This duo hails from Nothern Ireland and besides releasing 'The Awakening' on 1605 they have also released music on the coveted label Drumcode, and have remixed Karney's 'Beg Your Pardon' Proven once again that Melodic Techno is full of easter egg hunts. No potato famine can stop these guys.

Mha Iri

In a dominated world of male DJs, Mha Iri is stepping up to the plate and becoming the queen of Melodic techno. She describes her sound as, "Weaving Euphoric melodies and heavy kick drums." The energy Mha created is fantastic, and with hits like 'Omnia' and 'Time Lapse', we are certain this Melbourne producer is not going anywhere any time soon.

Lazar (IT)

Italy is no stranger to techno, after all, they have produced some of the legends that have used melodies and hard-hitting kicks like Mauro Piccoto and Mariu Più. One reason many educate melodic techno with old school trance. His current hit 'Fragile' follows the trend of his dark moody techno that is equal parts experimental and minimally melodic. His other work includes Molecular, Chemical Mantra, and Hiding Objects.

Mattia Saviolo

Saviolo is another Italian on our list who is based in Germany. Saviolo didn't come to play, he came to slay and has proved it on his releases like Until The End Part One and Two. With songs like Until The End he proves that dark and moody is not just a fashion statement but a way of life. He doesn't fuck with cheesy melodies as apparent in his hit Linear Mechanism. He has placed his stamp in the melodic techno scene and we can't stop listening.


Rustek was born in Russia but is now based in Toronto, Canada. His hits Total Eclipse and Solstice has gotten our attention and we aren't letting go. Don't believe us go listen to Solstice and have a sip of Vodka.

Space 92

Last but not least Space 92, hailing from France he is taking the scene by storm worldwide. With more than 1 million listens on his hit Probes and almost 3 million on his hit Planet X (on Spotify) just proved he is ready to play with the big boys. The world jaws are dropping every time they hear hits like 2049, Humans and Robots. He is our favourite and we are certain once this COVID situation is over you will be seeing him around the globe. He has a style of heavy base and hard-hitting kicks and trancy dark melodies which have cemented him as the golden boy of melodic techno. We reached out to Space 92 and he stated, that he would continue to push the limits of his brand and style of techno and that he can't wait to get out there and perform for you.

If there is someone we missed, let us know in the comments below, and support the music you love go give these amazing DJs a listen.

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