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Neflix Élite is taking the world by storm; and​ we got Élite top 10 songs

The Spanish show, Élite, is taking the world by storm. It's Gossip Girl on steroids. You have murder, incest, and your average teen drama like drugs, sex, and parties. The teen drama stars, Danna Paola from La Doña, as Lu a rich affluent girl who's pass time includes torturing people for her gain as well as being the princess of one of the most exclusive high schools in Spain. The teen drama would cause any ordinary teenager to seek therapy for months but this is TV, and anything goes. Like any successful show, you need a rocking soundtrack and Élite got it. Here are the shows hottest tracks. 

1. Donna Paola- Final Feliz

The Mexican actress and star of the show brings us this pop anthem with a touch of Reggaeton. 

2. Fisher-Losing It

Losing it has been on many play list and the Grammy nominated DJ/Producer has produced one of the best house anthems of the year.

3. Swedish House Mafia - Greyhound

An elite school deserves an elite group. Greyhound should be the shows anthem in our books. What other song can you use to play Kiss, Marry, Kill even if it's your own brother.

4. Lexie Liu-Hat Trick

Every great TV show needs a piano or guitar ballad and Chinese artist Lexie Liu song is so sultry, that we know a child is being made with every listen.

5. La Casa Azul - Los Chicos Hoy Saltarán A La Pista

The disco infuse track represents Spain and everything fun that comes from the Southern European country. Not to mention La Casa Azul is one of the best band in Spain.

6. Vitalic- Posion Lips

Taking a page from Blonde Vitalic's Posion Lips is perfect for late ecstasy parties. Another disco infuse track graces the scenes of Élite, because latinos like to party!

7. Conchita Velasco - Con Nada Se Puede Ser Feliz

Being poor has never been better, especially if you go to one of the riches schools in town, just ask Cayetana.

8. Clooney - We Are the Party People

Only the elite can brake all the rules. They also have the right to party, have sex between girls that due boys, and boys that due boys.

9. Kimberley Tell - Lo Que No Me Dices

A bad romance doesn't come without drama, and Carla knows this better.

10. Reyko - Spinning Over You

Went dreams due come true. Nadia has been having them for two seasons and she gets her wish with Guzman.

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