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Roswell, New Mexico: Season 3 Spoilers and theories

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

If you are a Roswell Fan look no further we have some Spoilers read below if you want to know more.

With Season two wrapped up, we are left wondering what is next on Season three. The full cast will be returning next season and with a solid release date for summer 2021, we know the fantasy drama will be steamy. We expect Shiri Appleby to direct more episodes, as she is a fan favourite. Season two gave us a back story that literally could be a show on its own, with Jason Behr playing Tripp manes, and notable actress Kayla Well playing Nora Truman, Micheal mother. While Cassandra Jean Amell playing Louise Isobel's playing Isobel Evans ( Played by Lily Cowles) mother and Maria Deluca (played by Heather Hemmens) great grandmother.

We are expecting season three to explore the future of Max, Isobel and Micheal. We know Nathon parsons will be busy as he will playing Max Evans and his doppelgänger in the Mr. Jones storyline. We all know dopplegängers are always up to no good, and we hope we get someone as sinister as Katherine Pierce from the Vampire Diaries.

Showrunner Carina Adly Mackenzie spoke with Collider and said, “I will say that we underworked Nathan Parsons at the beginning of this season. And then, you know, he spent a lot of time floating in a pod, and so we figured we would give him double the job for the next season. So we’re very excited to explore who Mr. Jones is. Through his eyes, we’re excited to explore the truth about the other planet, where the aliens came from, and why.”

With many surprises in season one and season two, we expect more surprises in season three. Season one brought us Malex the love story of Micheal Guerin and Alex Manes played by Micheal Vlamis and Tyler Blackburn. While Season two was filled with more LGBTQI surprises with a weird throuple relationship adding Maria Deluca (played by the beautiful Heather Hemmens) to the mix of Malex.

While we have been busy exploring the rainbow explosion of Malex and Maria there is an elephant int the room that no one is talking about. This is a character we have not seen at the local gay bar and we are not talking about Forrest either. We are talking about Charlie Cameron (played by Jamie Clayton). Clayton an out and proud transexual plays Jenna Cameron (played by Riley Voelkel) sister, who just happens to be a genius and for some reason on the run. At the end of season two, we are left with Cameron and Charlie reunited. We have a feeling the trans aspect will be explored in season three.

We are also left with other cliffhangers such as Maria exploring her half-alien powers, giving herself the role as healer. Maria has proved that her powers are essential in helping the gang of aliens. We are also left with Rosa Ortecho (played by Amber Midthunder) Liz Ortecho older sister who died in high school and was brought back to life by Max. We left with her going to rehab but knowing Rosa, she is on her own journey and looking for answers about her powers and her visions. We like to see the exploration or Rosa being the connection between the human world and the alien world. Let us know what you think will happen in season three.

Roswell New Mexico returns June 2021 on the CW

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