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‘The Club’ Cast on Netflix: What You Need To Know About This Drug-Loving Drama

Netflix has gotten a lot more fun with the premiere of The Club. This Spanish-language drama has just about everything you could want: crazy hookups, drug deals gone wrong, app development, and parties galore. And at 30 minutes an episode, it’s an especially easy binge watch. But who exactly is in El Club‘s cast on Netflix? From Minnie West to Jorge Caballero, we have you covered.

Directed by Camila Ibarra, The Club (or El Club) puts a privileged Millennial spin on crime. All that the wealthy Pablo (Alejandro Speitzer) wants is break away from his rich father’s shadow. After several failed businesses he’s down to his last idea: a dating app created by his neurotic friend and business partner Matías (Jorge Caballero). If this business idea doesn’t work, the loaded Pablo will be financially cut off permanently.

Thankfully for him and for lovers of bad decisions everywhere, Pablo has an ace up his sleeve. He starts giving away MDMA along with subscriptions to his dating app, promising his users that they’ll have a good time no matter what. And that’s how Pablo, his buddy, and his ex Sofía (Minnie West) stumbled into becoming low-level and super rich drug dealers

But you already know how this narrative goes. The more customers Pablo and his friends get and the more they expand their territory, the more they’re encroaching on some of Mexico’s biggest drug-dealing big wigs. Can they stay in the business long enough to become independently wealthy? Or will the terrifying criminals around them force Pablo to go crying back to daddy? At 25 episodes in its first season, it’s a journey worth taking. If you’ve been wondering who you’ve been partying with, we have you covered. Here’s your guide to The Club’s large and drug-loving cast. They may never find love, but they can always find a good time.

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