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The Perfectionists Reveals the Fate of Each Pretty Little Liar — Babies, Elopements, and More!

Freeform's Pretty Little Liars spinoff, The Perfectionists, is just as twisted as its predecessor, and wastes no time introducing a few brand new mysteries for PLL alums Alison DiLaurentis (Sasha Pieterse) and Mona Vanderwaal (Janel Parrish) to contend with. This time around, they're both faculty members at Beacon Heights University in Beacon Heights, OR, and have some fresh faces stirring up trouble — Ava Jalali (Sofia Carson), Caitlin Park-Lewis (Sydney Park), and Dylan Walker (Eli Brown).

But what about the original crew who started it all? In the series premiere of The Perfectionists, it's clear that Spencer, Aria, and Hanna have all gone their separate ways. Even Emily — who we assumed would stay put since the last time we saw her she and Alison were engaged and raising their twin daughters, Lily and Grace — is nowhere to be found. Fortunately the new series has given us a few updates on what the Pretty Little Liars have been up to since the series finale in 2017.

What Happened to Emily and Alison?

Despite getting engaged and having kids together, Emily and Alison are currently on the rocks. Unfortunately it seems trauma from Emily's past has caused a roadblock in their relationship. Ali vaguely hints at their relationship status during a conversation with Mona in the season premiere of The Perfectionists, saying that although they aren't physically together, she's not completely abandoning hope for a future with her one true love.

"Emily loves me. She just can't get past the past," she explains, hinting at their ongoing trust issues. "We're happy, and then we're not. It all comes back to trust. But I'm not giving up."

Despite not seeing Mitchell's character in the flesh in the premiere, we do get a glimpse of her as Emily unpacks her new place in Beacon Heights. In addition to boxes and cute home decor, she takes out an incredibly cute picture of her and Emily holding the twins and puts it on display on her mantel with a longing expression.

So for now, it seems Ali's focus is on leaving the girl she was in high school behind for good and making up for her past actions by helping the students attending BHU. And as for Emily? We probably won't be seeing her for a long time (if ever), but remember that this is the PLLuniverse — anything can happen.

What Happened to Hannah and Caleb

In a recent episode of The Perfectionists, Mona hops on a call with Hannah for a quick chat. We only get to hear one side of their conversation, but it's pretty illuminating. "Hi! Hi, I'm so glad you picked up. No, I'm fine I just needed to hear a friend's voice," Mona says. "How are you? How's Caleb? How's the baby?" Yep — Caleb and Hannah are still happily married andhave a baby! Hannah seems to be loving life as a new mom, which is all we can ask after what she went through.

What Happened to Spencer and Toby?

The PLL series finale wraps up with a happy ending for on-again, off-again couple Spencer and Toby: Spencer finally wins him back, confirming that he's the love of her life. Then again their relationship status is left a little bit open ended, with the two of them being the only couple who don't get any real sense of closure. So, are they still together, or did yet another thing come between them? During Mona's call with Hannah in The Perfectionists, it's revealed that Toby and Spencer have eloped! Spoby forever.

What Happened to Aria and Ezra?

Aria and Ezra essentially ride off into the sunset in the series finale when they marry and embark on their dreamy honeymoon. While Mona and Hannah don't chat about the fate of Aria and Ezra's relationship in The Perfectionists, the PLL Instagram account gave us an update on what's been going on in the couple's life: they have a baby!

The account leaked a few text messages between Ali and Aria, with the latter writing that she has "exciting news" before Ali guesses "you brought home the baby?" Apparently Aria and her husband are still living in Rosewood and succeeded in adopting a child after Aria found out she wouldn't be able to have kids herself. It's a baby girl, and they decided to name her Katherine Ella, after Aria's mom.

Adding to the excitement is the fact that Aria is also a bestselling author of a novel called Park Avenue. "I was at the bookstore and saw Park Avenue," Ali writes. "They only had one copy left. I bought it, so now it's sold out. Your first solo book is a hit! How does it feel?" Aria then goes on to tell her that her book is being turned into a movie by Reese Witherspoon. Happy endings all around!


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